Investing in employee development increases employer brand appeal and employee motivation. It also helps to respond better to crisis situations. It is therefore worth taking the opportunity to provide a consulting or development service with us – the company which will allow you to refund up to 80% of the cost!

LSJ HR Group has been working with funding operators for several years now. We strive to make the application process as simple as possible for our customers and to make the most of the financing conditions. Our step-by-step advisors guide you through the application process, help you fill out the necessary forms, and help you quickly obtain the refund afterwards. If you ask us “is the procedure long and complicated?” we respond briefly: NO.  

Contact us and you will see how soon we can start working together!

Who can obtain the funding

The development services are for for micro-, small and medium-sized enterprises with their headquarters (branch, delegation or other legally permissible form of organization of the entity’s activities) in the Zachodniopomorskie province and their employees who are employed in the area of the said voivodeship.  

How much funding can be received (examples of amounts)?

The total value of refund cannot exceed EUR 200 000 (de minimis aid limit).



What is the refund level?

What next?

  • Arrange a call or meeting
    with a LSJ HR
    Group consultant
    to select
    the appropriate development

  • Complete
    the application

  • Sign
    the service contract
    and the refund

  • Use
    the service
    and pay for it

  • Evaluate the service,
    file documentation
    with the operator
    and wait 10 working days
    for the refund


Joanna Siemiątkowska
coordinator of consulting and training projects
Phone: +48 510 034 350
E-mail: j.siemiatkowska@lsj.pl
E-mail: szkolenia@lsj.pl