Become an effective leader in a manufacturing company

Managing a manufacturing company or one of its departments requires a combination of so-called “hard” and “soft” competencies. In a well-functioning company, managing processes is just as important as managing people. That is why we work with our Clients to strengthen both. This makes them the superleaders others want and like to work with.

For whom?

  • For middle and senior managers who want to approach the management field in a comprehensive manner.  

What are your benefits?  
You will:

  • learn multilevel management
  • practice effective communication and goal reporting 
  • build the philosophy of continuous improvement
  • as a result, your processes will be optimised
  • and the productivity will be improved

Who delivers the service?

Our consultants are practitioners, ideally suited to a group or individual, both in terms of knowledge and personality characteristics. We want the thread of understanding between the parties to be as strong as steel.

Timeframe, place and the cost

It is possible to obtain refund of 50-80% of the service cost,
check details here ASK ABOUT SERVICE DETAILS.

The price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Dates to be agreed.

The service is provided online or at the client’s location.

Selection of services realised for our Clients:

  • Business management assessment and analysis with a particular focus on production processes
  • Defining vision, mission and strategy with lean management tools or TOC (Goldratt) tools
  • Managing critical chain projects / Agile Project Management
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Building efficient teams

  • Developing the enterprise design department. Process engineering
  • Process optimization project management
  • Implementation of process management concepts with lean management
  • Development and implementation of a customized project execution model for the enterprise