Become an inspiring leader

A leader is a person who not only tells other what to do, but who demonstrates how important the human factor is in the work being done. So we have prepared a range of consulting and development proposals for executives – or those preparing for this role. With our support, you will become the best leaders for your teams.  

For whom?

  • For persons currently in managerial functions or those preparing for that role.  

What are your benefits?
You will: 

  • complete your knowledge of effective team management
  • learn how to deal with difficult situations and how to resolve conflicts
  • learn how to motivate your team effectively
  • develop your leadership competencies
  • be confident in your public appearances

Who delivers the service?

Our consultants are practitioners, ideally suited to a group or individual, both in terms of knowledge and personality characteristics. We want the thread of understanding between the parties to be as strong as steel.

Timeframe, place and the cost

It is possible to obtain refund of 50-80% of the service cost,
check details here ASK ABOUT SERVICE DETAILS.

The price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Dates to be agreed.

The service is provided online or at the client’s location.

Selection of services realised for our Clients:

  • Individual coaching on how to develop team and self-management skills
  • Consulting, coaching and mentoring for future leaders
  • Dedicated leadership development program
  • Public speech and presentation skills

  • How to manage change effectively
  • How to manage conflict effectively
  • Setting vision, mission and strategy with lean management tools or TOC (Goldratt) tools
  • Strategic and process management tools

  • Skillful, efficient and effective feedback
  • How to gain and not lose out on generational differences
  • The difficult art of motivating employees
  • Conducting negotiations