Building effective teams

If in your company you observe a lack of cooperation between departments and a lack of employee involvement … If you see a lack of effective communication and mutual respect … If you feel that you do not have a common goal, use the support of our experts. Thanks to their knowledge and experience, you will improve communication, establish clear rules of cooperation and build an atmosphere of mutual support. It will help to enhance the work of your team.


  • You will learn efficient cooperation and communication in a team
  • You will broaden your knowledge about the team, its members and functioning
  • You will understand where the disruptions in the work of the team come from as well as you will develop attitudes that encourage a good cooperation
  • You will acquire conflict resolution skills
  • You will learn behaviours that favour a good communication
  • You will develop the ability to build authority among colleagues

You will increase employee involvement in the performed work


  • Together with the team, you will establish the rules of cooperation
  • You will learn how to communicate effectively in a team
  • You will learn the importance of feedback in building an atmosphere of mutual support
  • You will learn how to work with different personality types
  • Personal efficiency will increase
  • Your team will achieve even better results
  • You will increase the number of contractors satisfied with an efficient service

Areas in which we provide support

  • Individual consultations in the field of developing skills of managing oneself and a team
  • Analysis of personality profiles based on psychometric tests (Thomas PPA, Facet5)
  • Individual efficiency workshop
  • The art of public speaking and presentation
  • Skillful, efficient and effective feedback
  • Proper team communication is the key to the success of the entire company
  • Improving communication skills based on the Development Center
  • How to gain and not lose on generational differences
  • Effective communication with the client, building relationships and practical learning of sales techniques
  • Improving sales competences

For whom?

We address the consulting and training service to people managing teams who want to learn efficient cooperation and communication.

How do we provide services?

We offer tailored services that are suited excellently to the needs of the particular organization. The consulting and training program is prepared specially for your company. Based on the conducted research, we adjust it to the needs of the team and the knowledge of the participants. During the service, our trainers-consultants work on specific examples and problems. They are looking for particular solutions together with the participants.

Our services have been already appreciated by others

We conduct a detailed study of the needs of your business

We adjust the trainer-consultant to the organizational culture or group of participants, at the same time taking into account his knowledge and experience

In cooperation with you, we plan, implement and control the consulting and training service

In the progress of the service, we are in constant contact with you

After completion of the service, we provide you with comprehensive feedback, recommendations and advice