Develop your organization

An efficient organization is primarily one which can respond flexibly to change, sees own deficits and aims to eliminate them. Thus we offer a wide range of support in the area of strategic and effective business growth.  

For whom?  

For strategic decision makers in businesses and their employees.

What are your benefits?  
You will:

  • review the way your organization has been managed to improve 
  • obtain practical tools for effective management
  • set strategic goals and define a clear vision and mission for your organization 
  • you will build an image of a modern and well-managed organization

Who delivers the service?

Our consultants are practitioners, ideally suited to a group or individual, both in terms of knowledge and personality characteristics. We want the thread of understanding between the parties to be as strong as steel.

Timeframe, place and the cost

It is possible to obtain refund of 50-80% of the service cost,
check details here ASK ABOUT SERVICE DETAILS.

The price is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Dates to be agreed.

The service is provided online or at the client’s location.

Selection of services realised for our Clients:

  • Development of the model for the company management program
  • Strategy identification in the enterprise
  • Setting strategic and intermediate objectives
  • Identification of key issues and solutions
  • Strategic management of company resources
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Process management implementation concept including lean management tools

  • Crisis management
  • Change management
  • Consulting on adapting the company to changing conditions in the domestic and foreign markets
  • Employee satisfaction survey, development of a resolution program
  • Development and implementation of a customised business project execution model
  • Improvement of quality and risk management systems in production