Improving the results and streamlining a selected area or process in the company

We believe that an effective enterprise is, above all, a company that can flexibly react to every change of circumstances, acknowledges its deficits and strive to eliminate them. We offer support in the area of strategic and efficient development of the company. We help to verify the current way of managing the business in terms of improvements and redefine strategic goals, a clear vision and mission of the company.


  • We will increase the operational capabilities of the company by implementing improvements in areas identified as requiring change/improvement
  • We will strengthen the image of the business among customers, stakeholders and potential employees
  • We will set one, consistent direction of development by unifying goals for the entire company
  • We will improve quality-related processes


  • You will verify the current way of managing the company in terms of improvements
  • You will receive practical tools for effective management
  • You will set strategic goals and define a clear vision and mission of your business
  • You will build the image of a modern and effectively managed business

Areas in which we provide support

  • Development of a model for a company management program
  • Determining the strategy in the enterprise
  • Setting strategic and indirect goals
  • Identification of essential problems and ways of solving them
  • Strategic management of enterprise resources
  • Development of a marketing strategy
  • Implementation of the concept of process management using lean management tools
  • Crisis management
  • Change management
  • Advising on the adaptation of the company to the changing conditions of the domestic and foreign market
  • Employee satisfaction survey, development of a recovery program
  • Valuation of job positions, building a pay grid and an incentive system
  • Development and implementation of an individual model of project execution for the enterprise
  • Improving quality and risk management systems in production
  • and others

For whom?

We address the advisory service and/or training to people who make strategic decisions in enterprises and their employees.

  • For people holding managerial and leadership positions
  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Managers
  • Teams of people who co-create and implement the developed activities in the daily life of the company

How do we provide services?

We offer tailored services that are suited excellently to the needs of the particular organization. The consulting and training program is prepared specially for your company. Based on the conducted research, we adjust it to the needs of the team and the knowledge of the participants. During the service, our trainers-consultants work on specific examples and problems. They are looking for particular solutions together with the participants.

Our services have been already appreciated by others

We conduct a detailed study of the needs of your business

We adjust the trainer-consultant to the organizational culture or group of participants, at the same time taking into account his knowledge and experience

In cooperation with you, we plan, implement and control the consulting and training service

In the progress of the service, we are in constant contact with you

After completion of the service, we provide you with comprehensive feedback, recommendations and advice