Process improvement through the implementation of Lean Management tools

Improving productivity, efficiency, quality, delivery time, reducing costs and increasing employee motivation and commitment requires work and the appropriate processes settelement. LEAN MANAGEMENT comes in handy. A wide range of LEAN tools implemented under the supervision of experienced experts will bring the company several benefits while reducing the consumption of resources. So if you intend to increase your competitiveness and profits, take advantage of our support.


  • Together, we will acknowledge the areas of application of individual Lean Management techniques and methods and define implementation goals
  • We will build standards that will make the implementations permanent
  • We will select tools appropriate to business problems and challenges
  • We will prepare the process of extending the effects of implementing a given technique to the entire business or other areas
  • We will teach you and your team how to maintain and improve the implemented standards successfully
  • We will show you how to eliminate waste


  • We will introduce authentic changes in processes (e.g. logistics, production, planning, engineering, product development, sales, service implementation, project implementation)
  • We will adapt to your individual needs – we will carry out activities in areas that apply to your company
  • We will support all the areas that require it
  • You will benefit from the experience of experts who have experience in working with companies from various industries and of various sizes
  • Applying the implemented Lean principles will contribute to the continuous improvement of the results of the company
  • We will introduce a culture of continuous improvement among employees, which, with continued use, will increase the operational capacity of entire departments

Areas in which we provide support

  • Implementation of the concept of process management using lean management tools
  • KAIZEN implementation
  • Creation of a value stream map (process mapping)
  • Creation of a map of the current state and the future state
  • 5S implementation
  • Standard Work in production and non-production areas
  • Implement the Policy Deployment, roles and responsibilities, and strengthen the leadership skills of managers
  • Implementation/improvement of the production layout
  • and others

For whom?

We address the advisory and training service to people who make strategic decisions in enterprises and their employees.

  • Owners, managers and leaders of production companies striving to increase the efficiency of machines and people, improve quality and timeliness, reduce inventory levels, etc.
  • Owners, managers and leaders of companies developing their products and striving to increase the number of developed products or shorten the development time of a new product
  • Owners, managers and leaders of service companies who want to reduce the costs of producing a service or increase sales of the service
  • Owners, managers and leaders of commercial companies intending to increase the level of sales or margins
  • Owners, managers and leaders of IT companies striving to reduce project costs, improve the timeliness of projects, reduce the number of errors in applications
  • Employees of Lean Manufacturing areas or continuous improvement areas
  • Quality department employees

How do we provide services?

We offer tailored services that are suited excellently to the needs of the particular organization. The consulting and training program is prepared specially for your company. Based on the conducted research, we adjust it to the needs of the team and the knowledge of the participants. During the service, our trainers-consultants work on specific examples and problems. They are looking for particular solutions together with the participants.

Our services have been already appreciated by others

We conduct a detailed study of the needs of your business

We adjust the trainer-consultant to the organizational culture or group of participants, at the same time taking into account his knowledge and experience

In cooperation with you, we plan, implement and control the consulting and training service

In the progress of the service, we are in constant contact with you

After completion of the service, we provide you with comprehensive feedback, recommendations and advice