Development of the competencies of leaders

A leader is a person who not only tells what to do but presents by his attitude how crucial the human factor is in the performance. Therefore, we have prepared several consulting and training proposals for managers or employees trained for this role. Thanks to our support, they will become great leaders for their teams.


  • You will supplement your knowledge on effective team management
  • You will learn how to deal with difficult situations and how to resolve conflicts
  • You will learn how to motivate a team effectively
  • You will develop your leadership skills
  • You will gain confidence in public speaking


  • You will effectively build and lead the team to obtain settled goals
  • You will build relationships and strong commitment in your team
  • You will skilfully communicate with subordinates
  • You will consciously begin to play the role of a leader in the team and in the company
  • You will know the tasks and goals that are coming up against the leader in various situations and teams
  • You will develop thanks of your employees to appropriate delegation and support
  • You will overcome barriers in the critical analysis of your behaviour
  • You will acquire skills in resolving conflicts, conducting difficult conversations, and providing feedback

Areas in which we provide support

  • Dedicated leadership development program
  • The art of public speaking and presentation
  • How to effectively manage change
  • How to effectively manage a conflict
  • Setting a vision, mission and strategy using Lean Management tools or TOC tools (Goldratt)
  • Using tools for strategic and process management
  • Skilful, efficient and effective feedback
  • How to gain and not lose on generational differences
  • The demanding art of motivating employees
  • Conducting negotiations • Development, mentoring and coaching
  • and others

For whom?

We address the advisory and training service to people holding managerial positions or preparing for this role.

  • Owners, managers and future leaders of manufacturing companies
  • Owners, managers and future leaders of service companies
  • Owners, managers and future leaders of trading companies
  • Owners, managers and future leaders of IT companies

How do we provide services?

We offer tailored services that are suited excellently to the needs of the particular organization. The consulting and training program is prepared specially for your company. Based on the conducted research, we adjust it to the needs of the team and the knowledge of the participants. During the service, our trainers-consultants work on specific examples and problems. They are looking for particular solutions together with the participants.

Our services have been already appreciated by others

We conduct a detailed study of the needs of your business

We adjust the trainer-consultant to the organizational culture or group of participants, at the same time taking into account his knowledge and experience

In cooperation with you, we plan, implement and control the consulting and training service

In the progress of the service, we are in constant contact with you

After completion of the service, we provide you with comprehensive feedback, recommendations and advice