The implementation of the excellent customer service standards

The decisive increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty is often directly proportional to people who contact them and correctly perceive and respond to customer needs. That is why acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills is crucial for providing professional service and building permanent relationships with customers. With the support of our experts, you will diagnose areas that require improvement and strengthen yours and your team competencies.


  • You will begin to communicate openly and directly with others
  • You will build a sales model based on long-term relationships
  • You will learn about communication in the sales process, you will learn about communication barriers
  • You will increase your customer number by being able to talk to different types of customers and using different communication channels
  • You will learn how to be constructive in difficult interpersonal situations
  • You will learn to create a friendly atmosphere
  • You will acquire practical knowledge of the use of communication techniques such as explaining, paraphrasing, reflecting emotions, summing up
  • You will learn how to operate with empathy


  • You will learn the standards of customer service
  • You will increase the quality of customer service, which will impact their satisfaction level
  • You will learn how to build long-term relationships
  • You will develop the ability to provide factual information to the client based on knowledge about different types of clients
  • You will learn how to act in the event of unacceptable customer behaviour
  • You will create a standard of excellent customer service for your company
  • You will improve the after-sales service
  • You will gain customer recognition and increase sales

Areas in which we provide support

  • The impact of the quality of customer service on the operations of the company
  • Customer typology
  • The language of cooperation and benefits in communication with the client
  • Identifying customer needs
  • Being able to ask questions and listen professionally
  • Use of information received from the client
  • Control of the conversation with the client
  • Precise formulation of intended messages
  • Cooperation with a difficult client
  • Dealing with customer criticism
  • Structure of a conversation with a client
  • and others

For whom?

We address the advisory and training service to employees of customer service departments and anyone who has direct contact with the customer.

  • Employees contacting customers directly and by phone
  • Superiors managing the team
  • New employees
  • Consultants
  • Merchants
  • Advisors
  • First contact employees – assistant, reception, shop, warehouse

How do we provide services?

We offer tailored services that are suited excellently to the needs of the particular organization. The consulting and training program is prepared specially for your company. Based on the conducted research, we adjust it to the needs of the team and the knowledge of the participants. During the service, our trainers-consultants work on specific examples and problems. They are looking for particular solutions together with the participants.

Our services have been already appreciated by others

We conduct a detailed study of the needs of your business

We adjust the trainer-consultant to the organizational culture or group of participants, at the same time taking into account his knowledge and experience

In cooperation with you, we plan, implement and control the consulting and training service

In the progress of the service, we are in constant contact with you

After completion of the service, we provide you with comprehensive feedback, recommendations and advice